Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Making Grinnell a "Hot" Spot

Well, OK....we already know that Grinnell College is a "hot" spot!!! I'm talking WIFI "hot spot" though!!!

This week, the third of five outdoor WIFI antennas has been installed. The campus is now lit up ("hot") from 6th Avenue through the athletic facilities north of 10th Avenue. Areas south of 6th Avenue are planned for outdoor WIFI antenna installation over the next month!!

I know that this announcement is a relief to those of you who wish to sit in the football stadium stands over the winter months as you relax reading your favorite online book. For the rest of you, your wireless devices should work well as you traverse the campus green (soon to be white...) or sit in the stands of the Natatorium as you watch others work out.

I'll end now...I'm getting a little carried away...


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