Thursday, January 31, 2013

There is Something Very Phishy Around Here...


We seem to be under siege lately from phishing attacks. These fake, unwanted email solicitations look real and do a good job of luring us in. Then, Bam!...we find that they have stolen our email identity and password and started working on our computer work under our identity. 

What is so bad about this?

Several things:

First, I don't want my identity compromised. Everything...passwords, emails, files... Once the phishing site has it, the phishing site can disburse my personal information wherever it chooses. Kind of like a home invasion. You never feel safe in your home once it is compromised. 

Secondly, our Grinnell email servers get tagged as phishing servers, sending out erroneous information to others. In the internet world this is bad. Our servers carry a "good guy" or "bad guy" score, kind of like your credit score. When your score goes down, other servers around the world will not let you talk with them. They take your emails, etc. and throw them into a trash can. Now...we don't want that, do we??

Enough of all of this explanation, you get the picture. 

Here is something very, very cool you can do. Go to this site (it is a non-phishing site!!!):

Establish an id and take the course on Defending Against Phishing Attacks (section 4, second class). 

The above site is for We just purchased a campus-wide license. There are many, many great classes you can take at Check it out!

The first time you enter you need to be on campus (security!!!). Establish an id. The site will walk you through how to do this. Give me a post back, if you are having trouble...we can post specifics of how to get in.  

Feel free to post back tips that you have experienced that may help others.


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