Friday, February 8, 2013

ITAP Presentation to Senior Staff

Earlier posts have shared the role of the ITAP assist Grinnell College in the prioritization of ITS initiatives. 

Yesterday, the work of the ITAP committee was presented to the Senior Staff for ratification. Great dialog; great feedback.  You can find a copy of the charts at the following link:   I wanted to share the highlights of the meeting with you:

  • Complete ratification of the ITAP Committee's work. Agreement to proceed to the next phase with five selected projects (Alumni email, Online Registration/eAdvising, Student Retention Alert, Data Warehouse)
  • Significant discussion and interest, primarily led by President Kington, to move up the date of Online Registration
  • Much interest in having us look at teleconferencing...with the understanding that our agenda is full with the projects cited above
  • Interest in having a copy of the full list of projects
  • Discussion (Joe Bagnoli) about the importance of web analytics for recruitment. Joe will create a paper on this topic
  • Hi interest expressed in document imaging
I am very grateful to the ITAP committee. Their contribution has been strong. The process is working as we intended. 

Next steps:  we in ITS will create project charters for each of the above initiatives (the "5") and come back to Sr. Staff with a funding request and project plan.

I think that we will take a few months hiatus from meeting as a committee. We are in the phase of getting these projects kicked off.

From my perspective, the ITAP Committee has made a serious difference to Grinnell College as they have prioritized the initiatives for ITS.


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