Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ITS Survey Results

I am really grateful for your response to the recent ITS survey…282 responses! That is incredible. You gave us highly valuable input...input that is serving to create positive changes in our support organization.

Here is a snapshot of the survey results:

Responses by Division:

Division Count of Division Satisfaction/Dept
Academic Affairs 56 3.50
Admission and Financial Aid 15 3.33
College Services 37 4.14
Communications 7 2.71
Development & Alumni Relations 16 3.75
FACULTY 102 3.16
Finance 13 4.45
President 10 2.70
Student Affairs 24 4.09
Treasurer 2 4.50
Grand Total 282 3.51

Responses by Job Title:

Title Count of Title Satisfaction/Dept
Assistant Director 15 3.40
Associate Director 7 3.71
Director 13 3.62
Faculty 102 3.16
Manager 2 5.00
Professional Staff 52 3.60
Support Staff 79 3.85
VP 6 3.33
Grand Total 282 3.51

Overall, what were my impressions of the survey results?

First of all, I was amazed by the number of people that responded. It was really encouraging to see how much people care about IT and how willing we are as a community to provide our input. Thank you.

Secondly, I was surprised by the relatively high overall satisfaction score (3.51/5.0). While the score was higher than I expected, there are clearly some deeply seated satisfaction issues. The write-in's clearly called them out. Our satisfaction with ITS services needs to improve. It will. Overall, my target  is probably in the 4.2 range. With a highly varied constituency, achieving a 5.0 is unrealistic. Also noteworthy is the spread of satisfaction between departments. Pretty varied. That's OK; it provides us target information of where we have extra work to do.

I found the write-ins to carry a consistent theme. The focus was on support operations. Slow response time, poor communications, and "the black hole" were dominant comments. What we expected...but the write-ins directed clarity to the topics that we are focusing on. Highly valuable.

Regarding survey format, I should comment that the survey results are presented anonymously. I think that this format allowed us as a community to speak freely and openly. I greatly appreciate that. It gives us the input that we need.

Where do we go from here?

The ITS Satisfaction Survey provides us a set of baseline measurements that we can work from. My desire is to garner a quantitative sense (the numerical scores) of where we are satisfaction wise as a community, yet harvest your free form feedback (write-in's).  As we adjust the dials of the ITS Service dashboard, we will remeasure to see if the needle is moving in the direction that we intend for it to move. We'll take a relook later this academic year.

We are in the midst of some pretty significant changes in ITS. We are adding process, accountability, cultural changes, and some organizational changes...all intended to provide you with the service levels that you desire. These changes are largely behind the curtain to you at this point, but you will see the results in the very near term. These changes will be the subject of my next post.

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